Love for Ali-asws

Imam Ali-asws.’s Sermon[1] on

Muhib-e-Ali. and Mubghaz-e-Ali-asws. 

(Love for Ali -asws. and animosity against Ali -asws.)

Prior to presenting Amir-ul-momaneen-asws.’s sermon, we would present three ahadith[2] to establish the status of those who hold enmity against mola Ali -asws. and Ahlul Bait-asws.

(1)  My father told me, who heard from Saed bin Abdullah, who heard from Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Aisa, who from Mohammed bin Khalid, who from Nazhar, who from Yahiya Halabi, who from Abu Mughara, who heard from Abu Baseer, who narrates from Ali Sainay that Abu Abdullah Imam Jafar Sadiq-asws said, ‘Indeed, (on the final Day of Judgement)   Our momin will be able to intercede for his friends and relatives unless they are among ‘Nasbi’ (those who hold hostilities against Ahlul Bai-asws).  A ‘Nasbi’ will never ever be forgiven- even if all ‘Mursil Prophets-asws.[3] and high rank Angels-asws. pray to Allah-azwj. on his behalf. 

(2)    And from the sources, Mohammed bin Khalid, who from Hamzah bin Abdullah, who from Hashim bin Abi Saeed, who from Abu Basir Alaas almaradi, who said I have heard from Abu Abdullah Imam Jafar Sadiq-asws ‘Certainly Hazrat Nuh -asws had on board even dogs and pigs but did not invite any illegitimate fellow, But Nasbi is worst than an illegitimate person.

(3)    I have told by Mohammed bin Ahmed, who refers from Ibrahim bin Ishaq, who from Abdullah bin Hammad, who from Abdullah bin Sanan who narrates from Abu Abdullah Imam Jafar Sadiq-asws said:‘ A person is not Nasbi who bears grudges against us Ahlul Bait-asws as you will not find a single fellow who would say that he holds animosity against Mohammed-saww and his progeny-asws but in fact a ‘Nasbi’ is that who becomes your enemy due to your faith on our ‘Wiliat’ and being among our Shia’.

Once a person visited Imam Ali-asws and said, Ya Ali-asws I am one of your devotees, Imam-asws said you must be lying!  Certainly, Allah-azwj created ‘souls’ two thousands year prior to creation of human bodies and at that time all my followers and deniers were presented to me, on that day I did not see you among my adherents.  Be reminded, if a ‘momin’ is struck (with a sword) on his nose in order to implant an element of animosity against me, he will not be influenced, however, a hypocrite will never love me even if wealth equivalent to the size of earth is presented to him.  On that day Allah-azwj took oath from everyone regarding me and never let it expire.

[1] Nahjul Asrar, ‘Man Arafa Nafsa Faqad Arafa Rabb’

[2] Sawab-ul-Amal and Atab-ul-Amal, Chpt Atab-ul-Amal, Sheikh Sadduq.

[3] Those Prophetsa.s. who brought Divine Books with them.