Summer 2020 Crash Course

Bismillah Hir Rehman Nir Raheem

We invite you to join our (free) *School of Wilayat Summer 2020 Crash Course*, offered by Hubeali(asws) team.

*School of Wilayat Summer 2020 Crash Course*

From 01 July – 23 August.

Age group: 7-15 years
(Younger children and adults are also welcome).

To revise our basic twelve-Imami beliefs.

*Course material*:
(and for advanced levels).

*Study Approach:*
1) Each week we will share a topic and resources.

2) Please work through these resources and then answer the questions sent out to you. These can be anonymous so don’t worry about getting anything wrong!

3) We will then use these answers to see how well you have understood the topic, and release model answers to help with your learning. We will also highlight any areas where most students got confused.